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A Comprehensive Study on Cataracts and Diabetes


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A Comprehensive Study on Cataracts and Diabetes

Amen Singh

Many people are still not aware of the fact that people who have diabetes are more at risk of developing vision stealing cataracts than the people who do not have the disease. The risk percentage is greater in the case of women sufferers. Even a simple eye examination can point fingers towards diabetes and other underlying health issues. Well, whatever the issue is, early detection provides patients a better chance of fighting with the disease.

If you are a diabetic then you must follow your doc’s instruction about your diet and maintaining blood sugar level. Cataract is a health condition in which a patient’s naturally clear lens becomes opaque resulting in a blurry vision. Generally, cataract is an age related disease, as you age it starts showing its symptoms. Other factors behind this condition include surgery, medication, prolonged exposure to sun and some diseases. Diabetes is probably the worst disease that develops cataracts even in young adults.

So how diabetes invites cataract?

The glucose level in the body is the catalyst of the disease. The lens of your eyes receives its nutrients from aqueous humor, a fluid filling that covers the front portion of the eyes. It is the source of oxygen and glucose for the body cells. If your body sugar level increases beyond normal limits then the sugar levels in aqueous humor and lens also increase. A higher percentage of glucose in lens makes it swell, affecting the clarity of the vision. The lens contains an enzyme that turns glucose into a substance called sorbitol. When sorbitol gets accumulated in lens it starts affecting cells and natural proteins making the lens blurry. This eventually leads to cataract formation in eyes making your vision weak, yellowish and faded.

Facts about diabetes and pre diabetes

A survey revealed that almost 24000 people lose their vision every year due to diabetes and diabetes retinopathy which is one of the major reasons of blindness. Let’s have a look at the other important factors about diabetes

  • One out of three people with diabetes are not aware of it

  • Some of the major causes of diabetes are inactivity, poor diet and obesity

  • Diabetes has genetic factors as well like family history y and ethnicity. Black American, Indian, Asian and Pacific Islanders are known to be at higher risk

  • Older individuals or babies weighing more than 9pounds at the time of birth are also at risk of developing the disease

Cataracts prevention

If you are diabetic you need to take care of your health to prevent cataract. There two ways for you to keep your eyes safe from cataracts in long run.

  1. Keep your blood sugar in control with proper diet.

  2. Pay a visit to your ophthalmologist at regular intervals. They can suggest treatment for the problematic changes in your eyes before you start noticing its symptoms

Whether you are a diabetic or not take good care of your health by maintaining a proper diet. Always remember that an early detection can save you from further deterioration. A regular eye exam can also detect diabetes or diabetic tendencies in patients.