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A Guide to Select the Right Length of Eyeglass Temples


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A Guide to Select the Right Length of Eyeglass Temples

Amen Singh

Nothing can replace the comfort and affordability of buying things online. But the scenario is a bit different when it comes to buying eyeglasses. It is an undeniable fact that buying eyeglasses online is cheaper but most of the people do not prefer buying it online due to the fear of wrong fitting.

The biggest advantage of buying eyeglasses directly from the store is that it can be tried on spot and can be fitted professionally. Not everyone can afford the luxury, especially when buying online can save a lot of money. In this blog I will be sharing some tips to choose the accurate length of eyeglass temples that is suitable for you.

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The comfort and overall fitting of an eyeglass majorly depend on its temples. The unit of measurement of the temple length is millimeters and most temples range in length from 120 to 150mm.

Here's a guide to choosing eyeglasses with temples that are the right length for the size of your face and head

1. Long length

The temples of the frame must be long enough so they can be bent downward at about a 45-degree angle at a point beyond the top of your ears. Almost 30 to 45 mm of the temple should expand beyond this bend point and be adjusted to match closely to the curve of your head behind your ear. This is necessary to keep the frame securely in its place without any external force on your ears that could cause you uneasiness.

2. Shape

This is an important aspect of temples that determines the comfort of wearing glasses. There are frames that have perfectly straight temples and these temples should extend beyond your ears. To ensure comfort in wearing, these temples put a gentle pressure on the back of your skull to position the frame securely without any discomfort. It is to be noted here that Eyeglasses that come with temples that are too long and aren't fitted correctly will slip down your nose. On the other hand Glasses with temples that are the right length and are fitted properly will stay comfortably in place without causing pain.

3. Comfort cable temples

Comfort cable temples in frames are specially made for young children. It is designed to wrap around the ear. While purchasing a frame with such temples you need to make sure that the curved end of the temples should fit closely to the contour of the back of the ear without exerting any pressure on the ear.

Nicely fitted eyeglasses with the right temple length provide the ultimate comfort and convenience of wearing eyeglasses without putting any pressure on your head, ears and nose. If you find the right shape and size of your eyeglass, finding a suitable one online for yourself won’t be a big deal for you anymore.

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If your current eyeglasses are troubling you with redness or a loose fit get in touch with a professional optician to get rid of it. An experienced optician will be able to address your problem and make proper changes to your frame and temple so that you can get a properly fitted eyeglass for yourself.