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Better Vision - Improve eyesight naturally


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Better Vision - Improve eyesight naturally

Amen Singh

Our lifestyles today, are in a great way responsible for causing damage to our vision. We are constantly exposed to computer or mobile phone screens either for business or for leisurely purposes which strain our eyes. We have become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle and indulge in junk food more often than not. To avoid problems with vision, it is essential that we make certain changes to our lifestyle which will help us avoid any complications with sight throughout our life.

What Are the Ways to Improve Vision?

Improving your vision is not as complicated as it sounds. There are a couple of simple lifestyle changes that you can make in order to improve your vision like:

Vitamin and mineral-rich diet
A diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals will help prevent macular degeneration, especially vitamins A/C/E along with zinc. There are antioxidants in these that protect the eye. These vitamins and minerals can be found in carrots, broccoli, red peppers, spinach, and citrus fruits. Flaxseed oil, as well as salmon, which are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, are equally helpful.

Food with high carotenoid content
Lutein and zeaxanthin are retinal carotenoids. They can be found in green leafy vegetables, zucchini, broccoli, and eggs. Carotenoids help in the improvement of the eye's pigment density along with absorption of ultraviolet light.

Type 2 diabetes is a major factor that greatly affects your vision. It causes damage to the arterial walls of your eyes causing blood and fluid to leak into the eye. This condition is known as diabetic retinopathy. Since obese people are more likely to develop this condition, it is advised that they exercise regularly and maintain an ideal body weight.

Controlling existing medical conditions
Vision loss can be caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis or hypertension. It can result in the inflammation of different parts of your body. An inflamed optic nerve may lead to pain or loss of vision. So keeping such diseases under control with exercise, diet, and proper medication is important.

Protection of eyes
You have a high likelihood of damaging your vision while engaging in sports, handling sharp objects or working with chemicals. You should take care and wear protective gear to ensure that your vision is not harmed by external factors.

Wear sunglasses
The right sunglasses will ensure that your eyes are protected. They help block out the sun's harmful UVA and UVB radiation. Without them, you can get affected by diseases that cause eye damage. The diseases include cataract, pterygium or macular degeneration. You could wear a hat with a wide brim to effectively block out the sun's rays.

How Does the 20-20-20 Rule Prevent Eye Strain?
If you are in a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer, it is likely that your eyes will be strained after working for a prolonged period. It is extremely important to implement the 20-20-20 rule. You should look away from your computer after every 20 minutes and focus on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This helps ease the pressure on your eyes.

Stop smoking
Apart from affecting your lungs, heart, hair, skin or teeth to name a few, smoking also affects your vision. It puts you at higher risk of developing cataracts as well as age-related macular degeneration. Thankfully, the improvement in your vision post stopping the habit of smoking is almost instant.

Family history
You might inherit certain eye conditions from your parents as well as your grandparents like glaucoma, optic atrophy, retinal degeneration as well as age-related macular degeneration. If you are aware of your family's medical history, it is advisable to take necessary precautions to avoid any issues with vision.

Get Your Eyes Examined Today

“Prevention is Better Than Cure!” As the old adage goes, it is suggestive to take precautionary measures rather than to wait for a cure. The same applies to the eyes too. It is wise to get your eyes tested at regular intervals to avoid any complications with sight. You can go online and search for eye exam near me or eye optical near me to find an optician. For example, if you are a resident of Brampton, you could search for eye care Brampton or eye exam Brampton on Google to find out the number of opticians in and around the area where you live. Image Optical West, located in Brampton, is one such trustworthy optician with over 16 years of experience in eye care.