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Care for Your Eyes with The Right Contact Lens


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Care for Your Eyes with The Right Contact Lens

Amen Singh

A contact lens is a thin, curved lens placed on the surface of your eye to improve your vision. They float on the tear film that covers your cornea. The lens is naturally clear, but it is often given a slight tinge of color to make it easier for the user to handle them.

Contact lenses serve as a replacement for glasses. Like glasses, lenses correct vision problems caused by refractive errors, which is when the eye is unable to refract light properly into the eye, resulting in blurry vision.

Eye optical contact lenses can improve vision for people with the following errors:

  • Myopia (near-sightedness)

  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)

  • Astigmatism (distorted vision)

  • Presbyopia

Advantages of Contact Lenses

- Since contact lenses are fitted on to your cornea, they move with your eyeball, facilitating a more natural vision.- Unlike glasses, there are no frames to obstruct your vision and distortion is greatly reduced.- Contact lenses look and feel better than glasses.- You can use contact lenses of different colors and have different eye colors at different times.- Contact lenses do not get splattered by mud or rain and don't forget up, unlike glasses.

Types of Contact Lenses

The choices of lenses with the recent innovations in technology are vast, with increased comfort and ease of usage. Lenses, essentially, are of two types - hard and soft. There are further choices depending on how long you can wear contact lenses for, and the material used in production.

Different options are for different purposes and lifestyles. An ophthalmologist or optometrist can help you choose the best contact lens fitting suitable to your condition. There are several factors that have to be considered before choosing a contact lens, so it is advisable to take an eye care professional's advice.

Here are a few types of contact lenses:

1. On the Basis of the Material
Lenses can be categorized into five types based on the materials they are made of:

  • Soft Lenses

  • Silicone Hydrogel Lenses

  • Gas Permeable Lenses

  • Hybrid Contact Lenses

  • PMMA lenses

2. On the Basis of Wearing Time
Up till 1979, if you wore contact lenses, you had to remove them and clean them daily, but, with the introduction of ‘extended wear’, you can now even sleep wearing your lenses. Two types of lenses can be listed based on the wearing time:

  • Daily wear (must be removed every night)

  • Extended wear (can be worn overnight, usually for seven consecutive days, without removing.)

  • ‘Continuous wear’ is a term which is sometimes used to describe wearing lenses for 30 consecutive nights, which is the maximum wearing time approved by the FDA.

Choosing the Best Contact Lens is now Easy

By now you have probably understood what contact lenses are and why you need them. If you are convinced that you need contact lenses, you are probably already looking for contact lens fitting near you.

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