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Questions to Ask Before Your Next Eye Appointment


Welcome to the Image Optical West blog. We provide an valuable, information, tips related to the eye care industry.

Questions to Ask Before Your Next Eye Appointment

Amen Singh

If I ask you about your last appointment with an eye specialist, I am sure majority of you would not be able to answer. It’s an undeniable fact that eyes are often taken for granted. Well, eye related issues start showing their signs after 40 years of age and can get worse if ignored or kept untreated for a long period of time.

That is why you should start taking your eyes seriously to keep it healthy in long run. In this blog I have come up with some important information on common eye problems that will be helpful for you to review before your next eye appointment.

1. Frequency of eye checkup

According to experts, people above the age of 55 should pay visits to eye specialists at least once in a year. Diabetic patients are also recommended to have yearly eye examination because they are more at risk of developing eye problems. Again if you are advised more frequent checkups by your doctor, you should follow it. A healthy person’s eyes, having no underlying medical issues must be examined once in every two years.

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2. What do ophthalmologists look for during eye exams

Ophthalmologists typically look for diseases in the eyes or symptoms of systematic diseases. Some of the Common eye diseases include cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

3. What happens during an eye examination

During an eye check up a patient goes through a thorough eye examination that includes his vision, eye pressure and pupil exam with the help of a microscope. Sometimes even the interference of a dietician is required for first timers and even in comprehensive eye examinations.

4. Equipment required during an eye exam

Multiple tests are performed during an eye examination and trust me in most of the cases they are not painful at all. Based on the reports the professionals will understand your eyes’ condition. The main equipment that is used in eye tests is microscope which is also known as slit lamp. Another device, called tonometer which remains attached to the microscope is also used in this process to check the eye pressure.

Other equipment include

  • Snellen eye chart- to measure visual acuity

  • Phoropters- to measure refractive errors

  • Ocular tonometry- to measure the intraocular pressure

5. What should you do if you face any discomfort in your vision

It all depends on the issues that are affecting the patient. It is recommended to everyone facing any kind of discomfort in the eyes to not to ignore till a minor issue becomes major. Consulting with a specialist will help you understand whether it needs immediate attention or routine checkup will work.

Apart from these tips you should maintain a balanced diet, workout on regular basis and stay away from smoking to give our eyes a better life span. It is to be noted that eye issues are directly associated with age. As you age, issues start getting severe.

So now when you have gained knowledge on eye examination do not wait for long to schedule an appointment with your eye specialist. Contact a reliable eye exam center Brampton to get your eyes checked.