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Reasons Why You Need a Regular Eye Exam


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Reasons Why You Need a Regular Eye Exam

Amen Singh

How many times have we heard of the proverb, "Prevention is better than cure," and have still failed miserably to abide by it?

Many people ignore a regular eye exam because they feel their vision is good enough. But, there is more to an eye exam than just a simple diagnosis of blurry vision. Doctors advise patients to undergo a regular eye checkup every year as eyes not only reveal the problem with your sight but also issues you might have with your entire body.

So, without further ado lets discuss some of the reasons why you should get a regular eye exam done.

Growing Concern of Myopia

There is a growing epidemic of Myopia aka nearsightedness, especially among children. Most individuals develop myopia at a very early age and it can prove to be very detrimental to your child's development. This could turn into a serious threat later in life, causing eye conditions like cataracts, retinal detachment, etc. Having an eye checkup done regularly can help your optometrist assess the situation and nip the problem in the bud.

The Reason for Your Migraines

A headache might not prompt you to go to an eye clinic near you, but, maybe you should. It has been studied, most migraines have a substantial connection to your eyes. Headaches are a way for the eyes to communicate to you about the stress your eyes are feeling. A routine eye checkup can help you resolve your headache while simultaneously keeping the strain on your eyes in check.

Diagnose Diseases

A regular eye check-up can reveal way more than simply the fault with your eyes. Through an eye check-up, an optometrist can conclusively diagnose various diseases that are or might harm your body in the future. The optometrist may notice signs of hypertension through bloodshot eyes. Leakage of yellow fluid from your eyes can be studied to diagnose Diabetes, whereas bulging eyeballs can mean an incumbent Thyroid attack. Eye exams help you diagnose all these diseases in their initial stages, thus helping save lives and money.


Glaucoma is by far the most dangerous of diseases that can harm your eyes, not because it's fatal but because of its sneaky nature. Most don't even realize they suffer from glaucoma because there are no noticeable symptoms. The only way to make sure you are not affected by this disease is to apply for routine eye check-ups. Regular eye examinations can help optometrists detect early risk factors of Glaucoma and determine the necessary prevention methods.

An eye examination is not something you should dismiss as a mere mundane activity. They can spell the difference between a healthy life and a life without vision. Find an eye clinic near you and make it a routine to get you and your families examined regularly. Remember, as said before, ā€œprevention is better than cure.ā€