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Six Simple Steps to Protect your Eyes


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Six Simple Steps to Protect your Eyes

Amen Singh

It is an undeniable fact that we often take our eyes for granted. We generally pay more attention to our shape and size than our eyes but we should never forget that to maintain a healthy lifestyle it is essential for us to give equal importance to our eyes as well. A study shows that every 1 out of 6 people face vision-related problems at the age of 45 and above and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. You can certainly put the blame on our modern lifestyle for these numbers.

Today we cannot imagine our lives without mobile phones, laptops and TVs, which is one of the major reasons of eyesight issues. The rays emit from them are extremely harmful for the eyes and the worst part is that we cannot limit the practice as we use them for our work and entertainment both purposes. The regular exposure can even cause permanent damage to the eyes. Besides this, there are many other reasons which weaken your vision as you age.

I have listed down few simple guidelines that you can follow to keep your eyes healthy in long run

1. Check your family history
You should be well aware of the medical history of your family. If any of your close family members has diabetes or high blood pressure, it automatically increases the risk of having some serious eye diseases for you than others. You need to have regular checkups to ensure that your blood pressure level and diabetes are under control.

2. Baseline eye check up
Eyesight issues start showing symptoms after the age of 40. That is why it is recommended for even those who have no such symptoms to go for a baseline eye examination to check the overall health of your eyes. Based on the reports of this test, the frequency of your checkups will be determined. You should also have a clear idea of your doctor and his treatment procedure when you go for an emergency eye care Brampton service.

3. Look for the warning signs
No matter what is the disease, an early medical intervention has always been proved to be beneficial. That is why it is advised to not to ignore minor changes in your vision because that could be a warning sign of something major that your eyes are trying to convey.

Contact eye care vision centre immediately if you notice any of the following symptoms.

  • Redness

  • Hazy vision

  • Difficulty in seeing in low light

  • Double vision etc

Wake up before it is too late.

4. Quit smoking
Needless to say that “smoking is injurious to health” and it is equally dangerous for your eyes as well. A survey revealed that people who smoke have higher chances of having sight threatening diseases than people who don’t. It is up to you whether you want to prioritize smoking or your eyes.

5. Eat healthy
Healthy eating habits surely make a difference in your lifestyle and your eyes are also not an exception to this. Eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables that strengthen your eyesight with their antioxidant properties.

6. Maintain distance from the TV screen
As I have mentioned above a long time exposure to television or your laptop or even your phone screen can cause some serious vision issues. That is why you should always maintain a safe distance from these screens so that the rays cannot directly affect your eyes. Again if you are into a job where you constantly get exposed to a computer screen, you should take regular breaks to avoid the damage.

Including these steps in your eye care routine will keep you away from eye diseases. Regular eye maintenance is the key to having healthy eyesight throughout your life. Stay in touch with your eye specialist before you actually need an eye doctor emergency. Your eyes are the mirror of your health, take good care of it.